TDP MLA studies Physics and Maths in B.Com!

This controversial Interview goes viral

Physics and Mathematics subjected studied in B.Com. Is it sounds funny?. We heard that Physics is being offered with the mathematics, Chemistry combinations or Physic, Chemistry with life science combinations in graduate level in any university in the country.

But, Vijayawada West MLA, Jaleel Khan, who shifted to ruling TDP, recently said that he studied maths and physics in B.Com. This interview had gone viral on social media. Mr. Khan says he studied B.Com because he was fond of mathematics and physics. When the interviewer tried to correct Mr. Khan saying mathematics and physics are not taught in the course. Mr. Khan tried to justify himself by saying accounts is mathematics and about physics, Mr. Khan agrees he may be forgot. Now this interview goes viral on social media and Netizens laughs on his his innocence and questions that to enquiry to find out his real qualifications.